Heavy Duty Christmas Tree Stand

Building a heavy duty christmas tree stand is easy and economical.  

This year, our family harvested a 12′ tall tree with a base 6″ in diameter.  This tree was so large, I had a hard time just holding it upright – We knew a store bought tree stand would never fit the large base or support the weight and height of our large Christmas tree, so we decided to DIY our own heavy duty Christmas tree stand.

Using 2×6 and 2×4 scraps (if you had to buy new, probably about $10-$15 in lumber) and some screws, and an old bucket, we simply screwed this Christmas tree stand together.

It worked great, and no extra support was needed!  

To cover it, we added a wood Christmas tree collar –

The wood tree collar was just as easy to build, and I’m sharing the plans here for you.

But let’s do the base first so you can adjust how tall the tree skirt should be.  You’ll find the plans for this heavy duty Christmas tree base below.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

XO Ana


PS – Make sure you watch the video build here for more tips and build steps.


NOTE: Every tree is different.  You should adjust the plans below to fit your tree and adequetely support it.  When in doubt, you can also anchor the tree to the wall to keep from tipping over.

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