Ryobi Dream Workshop Built-In Shelves

Having a place to work on projects is a big must.  I always compare a workshop to a kitchen – would you cook dinner if you knew first you had to pull the oven out of storage and set it up?  And then you need to sit on the floor and cut your vegetables?  It’s the same with building projects – if you have to haul out big, heavy, cumbersome tools from storage and work off the floor, it will inhibit you from getting things done.

But the big problem with most people is simply not having the space.  So you have to create the space.  And that often means adding storage, so you can move your things up high and free up floor space.

I helped design a Dream Workshop for RyobiNation, and the first project I suggested was Built-In Storage Shelves.

This will give you storage to free up garage space.  But do notice the bottoms and center of the storage are open …

That’s so you can add rolling carts with all your heavy tools installed on them!

You’ll also love how easy to build these shelves are!

You can grab the plans for the Built-In Shelves over at RyobiNation.

Also check out the entire Ryobi Dream Workshop here.

Do share if you build, we can’t wait to see how your project turns out!



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