Easy Mudroom Benches or Locker Room Benches

Are you looking for a quick, easy, sturdy but beautiful way to build benches for a mudroom or locker room?

My husband and I just finished donating a Skate Shack warming hut to our community, and needed to make 20 feet of durable, sturdy and inexpensive locker room benches.  With a tiny budget, and zero maintenance budget, I turned to my good buddies 2x4s (and 2x6s) to build these mudroom or locker room benches.

We are very happy with how they turned out, and the design has already inspired more projects (coming soon!).

We especially are happy with the under-bench clearance. 

There’s a full 18″ in height under the bench – so sliding a tote, hockey bag, crate on wheels, or just boots underneath is too easy not to do.

We are especially excited about how easy these benches are to build, and are anxious to get the plans to you and start seeing your brag posts.  This one is a good one!

Please do share if you build, we thrive off knowing our work is beneficial to others.

Enjoy the bench plans following.

XO Ana

PS – We built these benches in our Skate Shack Video – if you haven’t do check it out for live action building tips.

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