Floating Shelves Pull Out Drying Racks and Hanging Rods

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We took on a laundry room makeover several weeks back and it has changed my life.

In the twenty years that I’ve been the responsible party for doing laundry, I have never been able to keep up.  There have always been piles – yes, piles with an “s” – no matter what I did.  I simply could not keep up.  

Fast forward to a few overly thought-out projects and a brand new laundry room machine – I call it that, since the room itself is more of a laundry doing machine than just a room – and there isn’t a pile anywhere.  In fact, the closets are so full of clean, neatly put away clothes that I’ve started weeding them out and donating.  

I’m not necessarily putting in more time doing laundry – although it is much more enjoyable doing laundry – it’s just the time I do put in is so efficient, everything gets done quickly and easily.  Make a process too easy not to do.

One of the big suprise impact projects was these floating shelves over the washer and dryer –

I knew I needed something above the washer and dryer for storage, but didn’t want closet cabinets for clutter to grow in.  I really wanted floating shelves.

But with this small of a space, I couldn’t live with myself if the floating shelves didn’t do something … that’s my big issue with floating shelves, they take up alot of space.  I’ve just lived in small spaces too long, call me a space tightwad.

So I thought, why not throw a drying rack in the lower floating shelves?  Perfect for delicates, sweaters, and other things you don’t want to tumble dry.

For the upper floating shelf, another drying rack seemed like a bad idea since it would be so difficult to reach.  So I thought, what about pull out closet rods for hanging clothes before I they get put away?

This feature has turned out to be one of my absolute favorites in the laundry room.  I hang each person clothes on a rod (instead of everyone’s clothes on the same rod).  Then the entire row can be put away without a second step of sorting through who’s clothes go where.  What a time saver!

It’s the little things that add up.  It’s those little processes, that take a few extra minutes, even a few extra seconds, but added up over a lifetime of doing Every. Single. Day. that will get you.  

I’m so excited to share how we built these guys in the tutorial below.  Build and share! XO Ana


PS – Check out this laundry room tour and videos here.

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